been involved in the weird, yet interesting world of freelance illustration for many years. My artwork has appeared in everything from magazines, newspapers and book covers to comic books and tattoos. The subject matter has run the gamut from pretty drawings of flowers and food to serious political illustrations for The New York Times, INXS, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, etc. 


Fantasy art is my first love and my fantasy illustrations have been featured as book covers and interior art for book publishers such as Time-Life Books, William Morrow, Franklin Library, St. Martins Press, Doubleday, Berkeley-Penguin and DC Comic book's popular Sandman series. My drawings of dragons have also been featured in The History Channel's Dragon's Triangle documentry and The Learning Channal's documentary Mythical Beasts and Monsters. 


I have had the honor of collaborating with the amazing Neil Gaiman on several book project such as Cinnamon and Angels and Visitations. I Created the book Galatic Goddess Girls with the fabulous Anand Ducan. I also had a web comic book called Attention Deficit Girl, that will soon be coming back for more Attention Deficit Girl adventures.


The political illustrations that I created as part of the syndicated political art goup INXS have been traveling around the world in a group show to numerous colleges, university's and galleries. INXS has just come out with a book called INXS-Battle Lines, featuring the many incredible artists who have contributed to INXS over the course of 30 years since we began as a motley crew of NY Times illustrators with a little extra time on our hands. 


You can see the illustrations done for the Neil Gaiman story Cinnamon at his web site:

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Most of the artwork and stories are a copywrite of Jill Karla Schwarz. All Sandman art is a copywrite of DC Comics. The Cinnamon story is a copywrite of Neil Gaiman and The Cinnamon artwork is a copywrite of Jill Karla Schwarz

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